Research and Development

Darusalam Seed Company recognizes the importance of research in the spine to produce high-quality seeds to meet
the food needs in Somalia and to address climate change. Therefore, DASE is investing in large assets to achieve the
availability of quality seeds, thereby enhancing the access and growth of agriculture and agricultural production. The
researchers in the company have succeeded in purification and variety maintenance of the local maize variety
(SOMTUX) and other local resources through the help of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

DASE’s Research and Development activities are: –

  1. 1. Variety purity maintenance
  2. 2. Basic Seed development and maintenance
  3. 3. Crop development

The company has two research centers in Darusalam village and Afgoie district, Lower Shabelle region. The R&D
department has succeeded in performing the following tasks since 2007-2017;

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